Pretty sure no one else is going to care about this but my eyes bugged at these photos of Theon Greyjoy on the beach in Miami and initially I thought that this is actually how he dresses for real but it turns out he’s shooting a movie which...I’m almost disappointed about because, well, look.

Theon Greyjoy is, perhaps, the mega loser of the Seven Kingdoms, maybe even a bigger loser than that tiresome Catelyn Stark. God I want her to die. But I don’t want him to die. DO NOT TELL ME IF HE DIES. You need someone to pleasure-hate on a show. I love pleasure hating Theon Greyjoy. I hope Theon Greyjoy kills Catelyn Stark. Then I hope Arya Stark kills Theon Greyjoy, after she has sex with Sam, the kid from Love Actually who plays Jojen Reed.