You’re about to choke.

Because this is Ali Lohan with her mother yesterday volunteering at a pre-Thanksgiving luncheon serving over 200 people with disabilities. The Lohans giving back – with cameras in their faces – and Ali Lohan, normally aged 40, actually looking like a teenager.

Pause until the room stops spinning.

The weave is gone. The skank ass clothes are gone. The makeup is gone…

What the what?

It’s been a rough few weeks for the Lohans. The tapes have leaked exposing, to no one’s surprise, that Lindsay is a mess and that her parents are f-cked.

Perhaps Dina realises that she can still save the younger one…?

This seems impossible and I am a skeptic through and through. But fair is fair and credit where it’s due. It’s a much better Ali than ever before. Don’t change back.

By the way, you know about Shoehans, right? You need to know about Shoehans.

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