Everyone is talking about these new photos of Lindsay Lohan’s sister Ali taken on Tuesday in Beverly Hills. Does she look really, really different?

Ali is only 17. And, you know, teen faces change all the time. This is why I don’t always think it’s fair when those plastic surgery websites pull up photos from when a celebrity was 18 or whatever comparing to how they look now at 35 and accuse them of getting a new chin, or something. My face totally hollowed out as soon as I turned 21. All the fat then went to my ass. It happens.

In Ali Lohan’s case though, given that we’re not talking about a 15 year evolution, and considering she was raised by a piece of sh-t mother, something else is afoot.

Ali is now a model. She recently signed a modelling contract, fulfilling some kind of Lohan Family dream. Ali’s natural nose however, well, while full of character and interesting in its own right, is not quite the kind of nose that these model people are looking for, unless of course the girl is truly something special which... in this case is not the case.

Straight up, I think she had her nose done. It doesn’t dip down as low anymore. It has a cute generic little lift at the end. Also her bottom lip has been enlarged. The beginning of the jacking. They’re jacking her face, step by step. Um, are they turning her into Anne Hathaway? A little, right? She looks a little like Anne Hathaway now. Only not as interesting. And sickly. And it looks like they’re starving her too.

Ali has always been thin. But this... is more than the usual. Ali actually used to have a healthy chest. I’ve attached a photo of her, from July 2010, so a year ago, in gym clothes, where you can see that there were breasts where there seem to be no longer breasts now. Now the shoulders, the upper body, it’s totally shrunken. And it’s pretty recent.

Also attached - Ali in June, so just 3 months ago, wearing a sweater and denim shorts and slender legs, but not like they are now. That’s a noticeable, undeniable difference. That’s a girl who’s been told she’s just pretty enough to be a medium model but probably not pretty enough to make it like Gisele and should probably get as skinny as she can to fit the standard, squeeze as much middle range work into it as possible.

You know, unlike her sister, who is an asshole, Ali was actually rather sweet for a while. She was afraid for her family, she was lost in their bullsh-t, and now unfortunately, since she can’t get away from them, she doesn’t seem to be salvageable either.

So. Congratulations Dina Lohan. You are f-cking monster.

Photos from Wenn.com and Jackson Lee/EM43/Splashnewsonline.com