Never heard of this magazine…have you? My guess is no, especially judging the budget cover. Actually…the budget everything.

Over-photoshoppe is one thing but assy lighting is another. Assy lighting, assy makeup, and assy styling too. The plastic around her neck is so cheap it’s almost offensive. And what’s up with the font?



Take a look at the second page. You know those hairstyle books they used to produce in the 80s that would litter the coffee tables at the salon? Super cheese blowouts?

This is a magazine that dares to call itself Supermodels Unlimited.


So. Amazing.

So much so, it might actually be worth a subscription. In the same way you can’t help watching Miss South Carolina over and over again.

But, at the age of 35, it’s the best Ali Lohan can get, isn’t it?


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Source ONTD