Ali Lohan is 16 years old. Believe it. She was in London the other night with her older sister Lindsay and was photographed out on the town looking like this. THIS.

16 is still underage right? So, like, she should be supervised by an adult? And Lindsay Lohan, in and out of rehab, cranked out of her f-cking mind, this is considered proper adult supervision? What the f-ck is Dina Lohan doing?

Look at her.

Look at her face.

Look at her clothing.

Look at the company. Sycophants and leeches surrounding her sister, informed by nefarious influences, stripped of a normal teenage existence, Ali Lohan is spending these critical years learning from Lilo. Lessons include how not to eat for a week, how to mix it and cut it, how to hide it in your bra, who to call when you run out, and how long to wait before letting him touch you there. Seems like Ali is paying attention.

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