Ali and Dina Lohan managed to scam their way into the Sisterhood 2 premiere the other night. Their show is sucking ass…they needed the publicity. Who the f&ck are those morons are wanting Ali’s autograph???

I want you to look at that child’s French manicure. Those long ass clip-on claws. Wrong on a woman of any age but particularly on a 14 year old girl? Do they have trailer parks on Long Island?

As you know, Dina can’t resist an occasion to throw back Grey Goose with abandon in front of her child so they hit up the afterparty and promptly decided to take a seat at a reserved table. When she was asked to move, she promptly lost her sh*t.

Don’t you know?

Don’t you know you don’t f&ck with a middleaged, overtanned bitch with fake nails living vicariously through the underage daughter she pimps without remorse?

No. Evidently they don’t know. Because they ended up throwing her out on her orange ass.

As you would expect, Dina the revisionist has a different interpretation of how the evening unfolded.

She insists that the studio staffer who asked her to move was rude: "He made the girls uncomfortable. At that point, the girls wanted to leave."

It’s her patented move, have you noticed? The emphasis is ALWAYS on the girls. They are ALWAYS the victims. Which is why they always end up becoming victims.

Victims of her relentless pimp.

The worst? The worst is that Dina is spawning. There are so many more Dinas in training, lining up at the talent agency at the mall, shoving their babies up to the front of the queue, aching for a sip from the chalice of fame.

Yay for child stardom!

Source E!Online