Am so in love with Alicia Keys. Interviewed her yesterday on the red carpet at Ryan Seacrest’s party before her pre-game performance. There are those who are fake and phony. They give canned answers and contrived reactions. Still there are others who are too far up their own asses to bother being interesting… like Laurence Fishburn. Who is no one in the grand scheme of things but who thinks he’s someone in the small pool that is his own ego and expects you to spend 2 minutes with him content to hear him repeating “yeah yeah” over and again. Cheese dick.

Alicia Keys on the other hand is not a no one in any scheme. Alicia Keys is the standard. Her performance was killer. In person she is even more so. She pays attention to the question, she is thoughtful about her answers, she is warm and sincere and endearing and real and when we were talking, she’d wrap her hand around my wrist when she was trying to emphasise a point.

So charming I almost asked her to marry me.

And of course…she’s gorgeous. So pretty it’s painful and the cutest healthiest body and the brightest smile and that voice, when she talks it’s like she’s purring. If she wanted me, I totally would. I would in a second and never look back.

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