Chill. I’m not saying engagement and pregnancy make me sad. Of course it’s a wonderful time in Alicia Keys’s life. Just wish there wasn’t a torn family cloud hanging over the news. Because, well, I believe Mashonda. Read Mashonda’s story here. And since I do believe Mashonda’s story, I don’t love Alicia like I used to anymore. But it’s an active conscious retreat. I have to work at it. Which makes a sucky situation even suckier. Duana said this song took on another level after finding out about Swizz and Mashonda.

Alicia and Swizz Beatz were in London last night for the Keep A Child Alive Benefit. Chris Martin was there too. Don’t see any photos of Gwyneth because going to a charity benefit with your wife and running the risk of getting photographed in the crowd together would be totally offside.

And here’s Evan Rachel Wood in New York yesterday, very beautiful, on the set of Mildred Pierce (starring Kate Winslet). Evan of course is engaged to Marilyn Manson, went right back to him after successfully splitting from him for a stretch before getting disappointed by Alexander Skarsgard. At distance analysis of the situation points to classic low self esteem, a fertile playground for people like Manson. She’s still young though. And she left him once, she could do it again.

Photos from Ian Lawrence/Jose Perez/ and Dave Hogan/Neil Mockford/