I love Alicia Keys. So much. It would kill me if she turned out to be a twat.

I interviewed Alicia briefly at the Superbowl in 2008 in Phoenix. Michelle was producing. And I remember both of us, even though our loins were pointed in the direction of John Krasinski, both of us were totally girlcrushing on her. When she talks it’s like a cat is rubbing up against your leg, purring. And her eyes, they are the kindest eyes. So gracious, so gorgeous, so elegant, this is Alicia at the BET Awards last night and while sometimes she has some wardrobe issues, on this occasion everything was working, everything was in place, except posing with that f-cking hasbeen douchebag Diddy who is Alicia’s classy opposite when it comes to generosity, consideration, humility, and grace.

Why do they keep this asshole around?

Photos from Wenn.com