The UK premiere of The Light Between Oceans tonight in London. Was there a report recently that Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender broke up? It was Star Magazine, not surprisingly. Which is why, not surprisingly, they’re still together.

The Light Between Oceans opened in North America several weeks ago. It did not do well at the box office and the reviews weren’t great either. Joanna reviewed it here and she wrote that she was rooting for the movie. She may have been in the minority. Because did you hear about director Derek Cianfrance’s wife’s essay blaming critics for ruining the film’s performance? According to Shannon Plumb, a few outlets broke the embargo and shat on Oceans, perhaps turning potential audience members away and the long term consequence of this, she argues, is that romantic movies will be threatened because studio executives will be hesitant to make romances, which appeal to female viewers. I do like a good romance. And I see her point and what she’s crusading for but the problem here, I think, is that The Light Between Oceans was never sold to me as a romance. Was it supposed to be The Notebook? If it was supposed to be The Notebook, tell me it’s The Notebook. Because the way I took it from all the promotion leading up to the release was that it was some kind of ethical drama and that the kissing and loving was background and context for the baby snatching and the moralising which was the main message. If this movie was about kissing and loving, why wasn’t it more obvious that it was about kissing and loving? I woulda been so much more down if it was about kissing and loving! Is Michael Fassbender above making a movie that’s straight up about kissing and loving?

What I don’t love is her dress. The peplum is heinous. Are you digging his hair pushed forward like that?