As I mentioned earlier in the Michelle Williams post – click here if you haven’t gotten to it yet but hopefully you’ll still read chronologically – the highlight of Louis Vuitton’s MET Gala was the boots they sent out on their muses. I must have all the pairs. All of them. They’re exceptional. The heel is perfect. The shape of the toe is perfect. Every single variation is perfect. None of them more perfect that Alicia Vikander’s.

Booties at the MET Gala?

I am living for this.

I’m living for her whole look. There’s a Super Girl in here who may or not be related to Spider-Man. It’s a few years late, considering that the theme for the MET Gala in 2008 was actually superheroes. But almost everyone acted like it was a repeat of that last night anyway and she refrained from going as a computer so, all in all, I’d rather direct my negative energy to Maria Sharapova and Zac Posen’s bullsh-t dress for Claire Danes.