A nude photo situation led to her very first dedicated gossip story in Page Six -- there was no professional downside AT ALL to Alison Pill’s breast reveal. This is our world now.

According to Page Six, Alison was “falling down drunk” and talking about her farts on Monday night at a fashion party. Anna Chlumsky (My Girl!) was there with her and didn’t seem to be concerned. Maybe that shot of her tits was (self)taken after she stumbled home that night.

But it’s fine. It’s totally fine. Because right now she has over 22,000 Twitter followers. Yesterday, before it all broke, she had 13,000. What I’d love to know is whether or not she’s up for anything right now, and if so, what those parts look like. And whether or not the people making those considerations see her in a different way, in a way that could help her confirm those roles.

Like in 2 weeks are we going to be reading in Deadline that Alison Pill has been chosen to play the lead character in Fifty Shades Of Grey? I said yesterday that I don’t think Alison Pill is that kind of baller. But if this is how it all goes down, maybe Alison Pill has more game than we gave her credit for.

PS. Jay Baruchel was very cool about the leak which confirms the photo was probably intended for him.