No , no. Not hair. But there are a lot of people who just met Alison Pill today. You would have known her already if you know your Cancon. Or if you’ve seen the movies and tv shows she’s been in including - just some - Milk, In Treatment, Midnight In Paris and, of course, The Newsroom.

Or you could have been poking around the web today and ran into her breasts.

That she posted herself. By accident on Twitter.


Click here if you want to see the photo.

She looks REALLY cute, right? It’s the glasses, I think. Kinda like... the smart man’s fantasy, what she would look like if she had her naked picture taken. Not with her mouth open or her tits mashed together and one hand suggestively travelling between her legs but rather no makeup, face kinda flushed, and totally adorable...

Only ...

She put it on Twitter.

To her credit, after deleting it, she didn’t blame it on a hacker or call it a fake. Alison admitted it and now of course the question for many is whether or not it was on purpose. Duana and I have been emailing about this back and forth. I mean, most of the time it IS on purpose, and it’s not like she’s not kinda benefitting from it in the sense that she’s just gotten a lot more attention for this than anything she’s ever done in her career combined.

It’s just, in Alison’s case, there’s never been any prelude for this kind of strategery. And I’m not sure I’d buy that Alison Pill even thinks of Alison Pill as MORE than Alison Pill in a way that she’d have to engineer her own naked photo scandal to get there. Any actor’s inner famewhore, obviously, can be awoken over time, sure. And you could say that Alison may have tasted it with the notoriety of The Newsroom and now can’t get enough. I just don’t know that it’s an automatic here. Like a slamdunk conclusion to be drawn the way we would if it were Jessica Biel/Ashley Greene.

As for who it was intended for, I suspect her fiancé Jay Baruchel because otherwise I don’t know if she would have been so chill in her explanation to take it down:

"Yep. That picture happened. Ugh. My tech issues have now reached new heights, apparently. How a deletion turned into a tweet... Apologies."

Like, there would be a lot more panic involved if that was for someone else, right? CAN YOU IMAGINE???

Here’s Alison at NY Fashion Week on Monday.