Beyonce and Jay-Z were courtside for the Brooklyn Nets home opener on Saturday night at the Barclays. The (part) owner’s wife wanted to be seen in all Tibi and her new fringe. God she is so f-cking cute with her hands up like that, non? Beyonce’s the one I have to work hard at -- at remembering what a selfish f-cking bitch she can be. With most of the others, the hate comes easy. With Beyonce though, well, Beyonce owns me.

And while B sat in the honour seat, as she should, Jennifer Lopez was taking care of her Slum Lover’s room service bill as she tours with him through Europe.

As you know, B is doing the halftime show at the Super Bowl in February. What are the chances of an end of performance mic drop and belly rub to announce Throne 2?