God I f-cking love Allison Janney. I have loved her for a long time. Since The West Wing and CJ Cregg. Duana loves Allison Janney too. And she wrote a post about her a couple of years ago – click here for a refresher – pointing out that no matter what, Allison Janney will be ok. “I got this.” She does.

She won twice last night at the Critics’ Choice TV Awards both as guest star on Masters Of Sex (she is SO great on Masters Of Sex) and for supporting actress in Mom…which… look, I don’t know why she’s doing Mom but I don’t worry about it either. “I got this.” And she does.

Now Bellamy Young who won Best Supporting Actress in a Drama for Scandal. Like Allison Janney, I don’t worry about Bellamy Young. Bellamy Young never disappoints on her show. This season she was often better than Olivia Pope herself – more consistent, more curious. And I wonder if that’s more fun – writing for the Bellamy Youngs and the Allison Janneys of the world without the pressure of what to do with the LEAD. Because you know they can handle anything you give them, and reveal even more about what you give them than you originally intended. They make the writers look good.