Allison Janney and Ellen Page are back together, seen here yesterday on the set of Tallulah in New York. Coincidentally, it’s another movie about a baby. The baby’s mother is evidently a f-ck up. So Ellen rescues her and pretends she’s the mother instead, helped by her boyfriend’s mother, presumably played by Allison. But then they make up with the real mother and the three of them mother the child together. Three Women And A Baby? I’ll watch that. I’m partial to Allison Janney. And I’ve been thinking about her a lot because of my nostalgic West Wing tangent earlier and my favourite episode from the show. Remember this scene?

“No one’s done camera test on this!”

F-cking Sorkin!

You know why I love that line? It’s because CJ always did her job. And that, right there, was CJ doing her job. That’s also what this show was about. It’s what Mad Men was about, to the very end: the work. When there’s nothing else, there’s always the work. People keep sh-tting on the work these days. About how it’s too much work. About how we should eat organic and breathe. About how life shouldn’t be about the work. What if you LOVE the work? What if the work is what you live for? When did that become sad?

I’m not sad about all the work that Allison Janney gets. Unspectacularly but no less significance. Janney was in Spy. She’s in Minions. She has her own TV show. She’s in Tim Burton’s adaptation of Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children. Allison Janney keeps working.

Below are some photos of the two on set from Ellen's Instagram. 



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