If you loved The West Wing, if you miss them, all of them, you have already clicked on this post and are looking through the pictures and maybe crying a little and watching the video. Also you may have told Aaron Sorkin to f-ck himself. This is what Duana and I do all the time. The West Wing. Sigh. Love it. F-cking Aaron Sorkin. At this point, it’s like a script.

Team Bartlet got back together to shoot a PSA for Justice For Vets. The video is below. Here they are at the launch – the President, CJ, Charlie, Toby, Carol. No Josh or Donna but they’re in the PSA.

The West Wing ended 10 years ago this coming May. It happened before binge watching. And while I love binge re-watching The West Wing once a year, usually at the holidays, I don’t know if I would have wanted The West Wing to exist now, in bulk form. As great as binge watching is, I feel like my affection for the shows that I binge watch isn’t as fundamental, as lasting. This sounds so f-cking lame but Team Bartlet, to me, is like family. When I hear those beats off the top of every episode, I actually feel warm and weird in my stomach and look for sh-t to hug.

PS Josh is there! I didn't recognise him! Sorry!