At the risk of being gross and fangirly, come on now with the Allison Janney. She’s the best, and you know it. She wore a velvet dress and you have not seen one in years but you bought it on her without question. She spoke happily about being a mother and grandmother onscreen and you know she means it. This is not a woman who is mourning getting older. Instead she’s rewriting the book.

I know Lainey said elsewhere tonight that we’re celebrating older women on TV – or that TV is the older woman’s medium – but I have to say that if they made it look like Allison Janney does, I want to get to 50 and roll around in it.  

And at the risk of it being just so much gushing, I’m trying to pick out exactly what it is that’s so resonant, and I think it’s just that she’s so straight-up about who she is:

“Yep, I’m getting older. Okay, good.”

“Yep, I did a topless-ish scene and that was new and different for me. Done.”  

“I am six feet tall and wearing three inch heels. The end.”

There are so many women who are apologizing for who they are and apologizing for being successful. Allison Janney is not even contemplating that. I love it so much.