Big blue dress – check. Stacked weird black chunky heels – check. Weird sense of overblown entitlement because you’ve been singled out as the “conventionally pretty one” from Girls? Ohhhh, check.

Allison Williams appears to think she is a fashion girl now. I’m not saying she’s not – she may have a great sense of style when she’s stomping through Brooklyn on her days off – and I’m not saying she’s not invited to a ton of fashion shows and the like, because I’m certain she is. But when you’re asked about your dress on the E! Red Carpet, I think the words to keep in mind are that it made you happy or felt fresh or you hadn’t had a chance to do it (this blue, that skirt) before.  

You know what it’s not for? To talk about how “accessible”’ your dress is.

Oh, pardon me, ye bastion of all that is stylish and wonderful, did you pick something middle-of-the-road for the Old People’s Choice Awards? Actually, I can’t fault her for that. For picking something that all the moms on Facebook would like, nor for choosing to wear it to these awards. We’re none of us laboring under any delusions – the show is for old people who watch network TV and will refer to her as “that nice young girl” if at all.  

But why call attention to it? She stops short of saying “my actual, personal taste is much more avant-garde” but that’s what she meant, and it’s just a little exhausting. Girls is already not the darling of the moment (which might actually give it some room to be what it could be if everyone left it alone) but Williams’ moment in the spotlight will not last forever. The fewer people she alienates, the more offers to wear dresses, “accessible” or not, she’ll get in the future.