With all the sh-t we’ve been throwing at Rooney Mara for her excessive “aloof”-ness, how much do you LOVE this photo of her aloofing (by photo assumption) Meryl Streep yesterday at the Oscar Nominees Luncheon?

True story - I had people over the other night for the Super Bowl. My friend Fiona was cheering for the Giants because she likes the Mannings. Then I told her about Rooney Mara, her association with the Giants, and pulled up her comments about SVU. Fiona is a major fan of SVU. (She’s really into procedurals.) There followed a 15 minute defence of the show, and every 20 minutes or so after that, she’s start in again with, “And you know who else was on SVU!?! SVU is a reality-based show!”

Needless to say, she was less ardent in her support of the Giants after that. Not that it means anything.

Anyway, Ask Men released its annual list of Top 99 Women yesterday and Sofia Vergara came in at #1, no surprise there...

But do you know who was #3?



Like, I’m all for the unconventional, we don’t go for the tits and ass all the time vote, whatever, but COME ON. Miranda Kerr came in 4th. Emma Stone was #6. Mila Kunis was #13. You’re telling me more men voted for Rooney Mara than Emma Stone and Mila Kunis? Really?

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