Can’t believe the golddigging hag hasn’t been voted off Dancing with the Stars yet but whatever… that show is where the D List dies a slow death. Her time will come.

And when it does come, she has her excuses lined up already. Funny how that works, non? At the beginning of the show, she said she was as strong as ever – riding her bike, rehearsing, claiming she deserved no special treatment.

But now it’s a different story. Now Heather Mills says she hasn’t been able to rehearse as much as her competitors because she has a sore back. So again…again with the Pity Card, the Pity Card when convenient.

Like when she’s trying to gouge money out of Paul McCartney, at which time it’s Poor Me, he made me crawl to the bathroom and I’m too weak to walk. Except of course when American television comes calling. Then I’ll do a backflip and fellate the heartstrings for your vote.

Can you believe this bitch?

Oh but the rumours… juicy rumours are running wild behind the scenes of that show. Spoke to three different people from the set. Situation is this: her dancing partner Jonathan Roberts is married. Supposedly his wife has now become a constant fixture at rehearsal because it’s gone back to her that Heather and Jonathan have been doin’ it in her trailer.

Not slam dunk yet, will try to get more details to lock it down but would you put homewrecking past that woman? Even if that dude is pulling the five alarm gaydar? Didn’t think so.