This bitch never ages…she must be part Asian. She’ll look like hell when she’s 60, poor thing.

Have always loved Alyssa Milano. My cousin Cat and I used to live for Who’s the Boss. I always thought she looked a little like Sam, especially when teasing your bangs was the thing to do.

But seriously, even though she’s the hotness, even though Samantha Micelli lives on… does Alyssa Milano have any business launching her own clothing label??? And a cheese ass clothing label at that?

The line is called TOUCH. Lame!!! And the styles are lame too. Like cotton stretchy sporty wear with NY emblazoned all over it… where I’m from we call it Gina-wear. For girls with too much hairspray and long ass ghetto fake nails painted French manicure, smacking gum and smoking cigarettes leaning against a Camaro.

Makes me sad she has to resort to this.

Did being Pip’s rebound girl ruin her forever?