This is the only photo I could find. Which is shocking. Worst dressed photos sell almost as briskly as best dressed ones.

…the f&ck was she thinking???

Am most offended by the small details. Like those shoes. Those Asian massage parlour shoes. Jessica Simpson shoes. Shoes for women with two names - Betty Lou, Connie Sue, Sally Mae, Peggy Lee – who aspire to aging like Dolly Parton: garish makeup, bleached out hair, frosty blue eye shadow, and two pigs fighting under a blanket that make up her ass.

Alyssa Milano chose those shoes.


UPDATE: Even though the photo agencies tagged it as Alyssa Milano, apparently it's not Alyssa Milano but some woman called Christina de...something. Which is actually almost worse. It's one thing to wear it and look like sh*t, it's another to not wear it but be identified as someone else wearing it looking like sh*t.

Might be time for Alyssa Milano to shake up that career, non?