Written by Duana

You know who wastes a whoooole lot of my time? People on Twitter. It’s terrible. But what if someone said something new? What if there’s something I didn’t hear about? What if I can’t understand what the newest catchphrase is because Mindy Kaling originated it and then told you all not to tell me because I was busy doing, like, work?

Anyway, twitter and a flexible work schedule combined to present to me the following Gem: Alyssa Milano's Blog entry about being approached by a paparazzo.

But it’s one of those things where, despite being generally delighted, I have to lay out all my thoughts in front of me to see exactly on which side my glee comes down. So without further ado –

Reasons this story made me like Alyssa Milano more:

She didn’t scream and yell and cry about this on Access.
She doesn’t make herself sound like too much of a hero telling the story.
She doesn’t pretend like she’s sooo busy. The phrase ‘Don’t have a lot going on right now’ is refreshingly honest
She didn’t go ahead and buy the damn flowers. (Possibly because she looks like she just came from yoga, so…) (But that could have resulted in a pic of her somewhere, so she didn’t sell out for that.
She admits he called her boring.

Reasons this story made me like Alyssa Milano less:

She calls herself a celeb. That, right there, should be unforgivable.
She acts surprised and outraged, as though people don’t do this kind of thing all the damn time.
It made me browse pics and stuff on her blog, which are pretty nauseating (of particular note, the flowers claiming “One week closer.” Ick.)
She probably HAS called the paparazzi at some point. Not a truth, just a feeling I get.

Anyway, I tallied these up, but at the end of it all I still came out kind of tickled and amused by her. Like it was just a moment in her day, an entertaining story she would have told her husband at dinner, and she decided to write it up in all its WTF glory. Also, for what it’s worth, she wasn’t terrible at writing it up at all.

More like this, please. I can’t believe you made an announcement on your twitter that you would be making an announcment on your blog about what sex the baby was ( A: Yes, really. I couldn’t believe it at all. B: Of course I know this means I have a problem. I’m not oblivious! C: A boy. You’re welcome) – you need to cut that out right away. But more of this entertaining “Boring on the B(ish) list” stuff. I enjoy.

*I’m just gonna go ahead and copyright “Boring on the B(ish) List” before she decides to publish a memoir.

Photos from MAP/Splashnewsonline.com