As I reported yesterday (click here for a refresher), Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney's wedding photos were sold to PEOPLE and HELLO! and not VOGUE as initially reported. VOGUE doesn't have that kind of money. What, really, was there left to see though?

Well, obviously, the dress.

It's Oscar de la Renta. It's off-the-shoulder. It, um, kinda reminds me of Katie Holmes's wedding dress. See below:


After all the fashion porn she gave us all weekend, are you...underwhelmed?

Part of it is because of the quality of the images as presented in celebrity weeklies. Compare the PEOPLE and HELLO! shots to the VOGUE one of her dress during a fitting with de la Renta. Totally different vibe, right? Like I said, celebrity weeklies cheese things up automatically.

But maybe it was expectation. Amal's been a really exciting fashion emergence. She's been quirky, with a street style that's offbeat and unpredictable. Her choices this wedding weekend have all been imaginative but also on point. Elegant still, but not necessarily "classic" - which is good. Which isn't easy. She made it look easy, but it's not easy.

This wedding dress's none of those things. This wedding dress is more traditional than anything else.

Sure, she'll never regret it. She won't look at it in ten years and think of it as a mistake. But I'm not punching myself in the face about it either. And isn't that the more interesting point here?

In a short time, Amal Alamuddin has become someone to watch, someone to be excited about - what will she wear, who will she wear?

Some of you have emailed to say that you thought she was a lawyer and how come she's all up on fashion and the tone has been critical. Why can't she be all up on fashion and a lawyer at the same time?

More on the wedding coverage later.

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