Amal Alamuddin went for a hair appointment today at John Freida Salon in London. They papped her. They also papped shots of engagement decorations outside her home. I guess there was a party last night.

I guess it’s the setting, how London streets look in photos, but for some reason, these pictures are reminding me of how they used to pap Kate Middleton. Kate, of course, was dating Prince William at the time. And as soon as they got engaged, the pap access was immediately restricted. George Clooney’s not royalty, obviously, but for the British press, I wonder if Alamuddin’s become their new unofficial “princess”.

Kate had a hard time with it. And an edict was eventually ordered to respect her privacy. The royals have the power to do that. George Clooney movie star? Probably not. How will Amal Alamuddin adapt to this life?