Amal Alamuddin was seen in London yesterday after having spent over an hour at the Alexander McQueen studio, leading to speculation that Sarah Burton is doing the wedding dress. You’ll recall, Burton also did Princess Catherine’s wedding dress. That dress, obviously, had to be more classic, verging on the more conservative side of the McQueen spectrum. But Amal’s shown us some quirky steeze. So, if it really is McQueen, and not Oscar De La Renta, I’m curious to see whether or not she’ll be bringing that down the altar.

It’s soon.

It’s September. And by all accounts, it’s happening in September. Which would mean that Brad Pitt and George Clooney got married within weeks of each other. Did you expect that in 2014?

The Brange sold their wedding shots. Not that he would have needed permission but now, if Clooney sells his, he doesn’t look like the first cheese to get on that, for charity of course. And, you know, he shot a big money commercial recently too for Nespresso.