Amal Clooney was photographed at LAX this weekend, reportedly returning to London after spending several weeks with George through the holidays in Cabo and then back in Hollywood for the Golden Globes. That’s a sick leather jacket, non? It’s Versace.

Last week, some had the Clooneys’ alleged $200 million divorce on the cover, which was quickly shot down. Something about her being a demanding bitch and wanting babies. Oh so, you know, typical woman bullsh-t. She’s a f-cking nag. All she wants is to be a mother. Because we can’t give her enough credit that she’s smart enough to have had this conversation before marrying him?

I’m ready to believe a lot about the nature of the Clooney union. Their ambition. Their mutual love for attention. Their shared intellectual arrogance. Sure. All of it, fine. Turn them into the Underwoods, the Hollywood soon to be International diplomacy version of Frank and Claire? That works for me. In fact, I would LOVE it. But this kind of gossip, it’s just lazy.