Last week I posted about the latest Amal Clooney pregnancy rumour from a report out of a Lebanon news outlet citing Amal family sources who claim that she’s expecting twins. As noted in that article, it was worth considering because it’s not the National Enquirer or Star Magazine or the Daily Mail and because the Clooneys have been pretty low profile the last couple of months. And also because Amal’s been seen a few times at fertility clinics in New York and London.

Last night George Clooney and Amal were in London to celebrate Netflix’s documentary, The White Helmets, about volunteer workers in Syria who rush into areas that are attacked to rescue survivors. He talked to reporters there about the film and also supported Meryl Streep's comments at the Golden Globes.

As for Amal? I heard from someone who was there last night who says that Amal didn’t drink, sipped water all night. Amal’s been known to enjoy a cocktail. So. Take that for what it’s worth. Maybe it’s a dry January for her. Maybe she had too much the night before. Or… maybe you’re zooming in on these photos and looking extra closely.