Vanity Fair posted an article yesterday about Amal Clooney:

Amal Clooney and the Lost Art of Dressing for the Occasion

The thesis: that Amal is the “last woman standing” who makes it happen. They interview fashion experts and industry insiders about her approach to fashion, and the “fashion opportunities” she creates – from the white gloves at the Golden Globes (click here to see) to her bellbottoms for dinner (click here to see) – she “uses couture like a uniform, harnessing what seem like the impracticalities of fashion into just the opposite”.

It’s mega-asskissy. So if you can’t with Mrs Clooney – and many of you can’t – you’ll eyeroll through the whole piece. If you’re down with Mrs Clooney, and I am, because she’s Good For Gossip, goddamnit!, you’ll eyeroll too…but with a lot more joy.

How about she just loves clothes and wants to wear all of them? And most of the time, I love how she wears them. Like today, in London, in Stella McCartney and a Lego bag. But resisting the urge to go with strappy sandals (boring) or pumps (also boring), she put on a pair of high fashion docs instead. YES.

OK. I’m ready. Start yelling.

Click here to read the Vanity Fair piece.