On Tuesday night, Amal and George Clooney went out for dinner in London with Stella McCartney and her husband, Alasdhair Willis. Click here to see the photos.

Gossips have been trying to friend-set Amal and Angelina Jolie for a while. Could Stella be the connection? Stella and the Jolie collaborated on Maleficent and were also together earlier this year at the Global Summit To End Sexual Violence In Conflict. Here’s a video of them – start at the 4 minute mark:

Stella manages all kinds of celebrity relationships though. As we all know, she’s also tight with Kate Hudson and Liv Tyler and, yes, her.

Gwyneth Paltrow.

Can you imagine a GOOP collaboration with Amal?

Or, maybe Amal and George can just hang out with My Obsession, Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Invite the Clooneys to a private screening of Fifty Shades Of Grey. George could, ahem, TOTALLY relate.

This came to me because Stella just posted this to Instagram:



PS. Amal wore Stella McCartney in Venice – it was the pantsuit for the civil ceremony, click here for a refresher.