Amal and George Clooney were at Soho House in LA. Everyone is talking about these pictures. Click here to see. As you know, I f-cking hate bumpwatch. But fine. Is she pregnant? Or is it just the coat?

Clooney’s rep has denied that she’s pregnant. And he did it really quickly. Not that that matters. How often do we believe publicists? We believe photos more. You’ve seen those photos. And you insist that it can’t just be the coat. It HAS to be what’s under the coat. Let me remind you of what was under the coat just last week. Amal and George were at Heathrow. Click here for the original post. I’m attaching a side shot of Amal.

So…are you sure it can’t be the coat? Can you at least allow for it to the possibility of the coat? And the angle of the shots?

Speaking of clothes and angles…

I like wearing loose clothes. I wear them on television. This is me on November 17 on The Social:

Here’s what the same outfit looks like from a different angle:

I am not pregnant. I was not pregnant. I will not be pregnant.

This is me in green and black on The Social a week later on November 25:

The clothes make a big difference.

Is there a chance that Amal could be pregnant? Of course. Is there an equal chance that it’s the shape of her coat? Also, of course.

My point: bumpwatching from photos is never slamdunk gossip. Which I thought we’ve learned by now from the example of Jennifer Aniston. And, again, the problem with coming to those conclusions is that when the woman is, in fact, NOT pregnant, then what you’re pointing out is that she’s gained weight. And, well, what is she supposed to do with that?

Can we speculate instead about why George Clooney has been so quick with this publicist to refute rumours instead of letting it slide away? He could have waited a month until the Golden Globes and let everyone see for themselves on the red carpet.

Or maybe we should be talking about how he dresses now. George was papped in LA yesterday running errands wearing clothes like Jay Leno. WHY IS GEORGE CLOONEY DRESSING LIKE JAY LENO?