It’s been widely circulated this week that my boyfriend Michael Phelps is either dating Amanda Beard or model Lily Donaldson. The rumours seem to have no roots – they don’t even come from a bottom feeding rag. Like literally plucked from a random cyber link with absolutely no reference.

The only thing that’s for sure regarding his romantic life is that last year at the Golden Goggle Awards (November 2007) he was accompanied by his girlfriend, “a stunning brunette with dark features and perfect skin” according to the LA Times.

Chances are slim that this brunette in question was Beard since it was a swimming event, and she’s one of the most famous swimmers, and the LA Times would not have missed that. Nor would they have passed up the opportunity to out that kind of relationship.

Still… the sexiness of a Phelps Beard hook up is irresistible. And 8 gold medals instantly becomes tabloid fodder.

So Amanda called up a radio show this morning to address the buzz. She categorically denied ever, ever, ever having sexual relations with Michael Phelps. Not even a kiss.

But… girl to girl… it’s the way she delivered her denial that’s turning NO into YES.

How often she says “ew”. How vehemently she says “ew”. How she goes out of her way to seem repulsed by the very suggestion of it. How she stresses that she has “good taste” and therefore would never stoop to Michael Phelps.



Honey, you didn’t even make it past the preliminary heats!

It’s textbook. They totally did it.

As for Michael, he’s laughing off the Beard too, saying it never happened. By day he’s busy in Beijing with promotional responsibilities. By night there is a line at his residence at the Olympic Village wrapped two times around. Boy is getting more ass than Justin Timberlake.

Click here for Amanda Beard’s interview.