Tonight in London at the premiere of Dear John – Amanda Seyfried looks great with red lips. Very, very beautiful red lips. Because she’s not talking out of them. We need a good redemption interview. Make it happen soon. Also... London, Dominic Cooper, missing...?

Amanda will soon be walking the carpet again for her next release Letters to Juliet with Vanessa Redgrave and Gael Garcia Bernal. We watched the trailer the other day, Laura and I, and, as you’ll see below, GGB plays the reject role, the guy who gets left behind. Up to this point, it was the kind of part reserved for James Marsden.

GGB? In a formulaic romcom and not even the lead? Is he poor?

Also in London, Channing Tatum, aka homo neanderthalensis, and his wife Jenna Dewan.

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