I haven’t watched much tv lately. But whenever I do turn on the tv I am bombarded with Dear John ads. They are trying to sell Channing Tatum as a heartthrob. Fine. We’ll judge him on the merits of a heartthrob.

He is not my heartthrob. How does Channing Tatum compare to Ryan Gosling? Please. Obviously it’s a personal quiver preference, and while quiver is basic and primal, it would be nice if the object of your quiver hadn’t just figured out to stand upright. Go find your science textbook, look up homo neanderthalensis. Hi Channing Tatum. Did you just make fire?

Which is why Dear John isn’t drawing me. I don’t believe that Amanda Seyfried would fall for him. I don’t buy that she’d be into poorly conjugated verbs.

As for Amanda, am not normally down with her red carpet choices but last night at the premiere, it was good. Suited her, flattered her, not bad. Didn’t see Dominic Cooper, not sure if the situation has changed on that front but that relationship has never been about Amanda first. And she’s still overly and aggressively managed by her handlers. Has been on many legs of this press tour. Such a turnoff.

Photos from Wenn.com