Last night at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Letters to Juliet, Amanda Seyfried announced that she and Dominic Cooper are still dating. They were all over each other and Photo Assumption says he’s a smug bitch about it.

Letters to Juliet opens May 14th, that weekend’s romantic alternative to Robin Hood. Yes. THAT Robin Hood. With Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett directly by Ridley Scott. Young Amanda, despite her recent declaration that she’s “paid her dues and earned the right to live in New York”, isn’t yet the kind of name who can throw down against the Gladiator of Sherwood Forest and contend at the same time with RDJ’s Iron Man that would have opened the week before.

But then again, women love empty, trite love stories. And early reviews indicate that Letters to Juliet is just that. Reuters totally eviscerated it, calling out Gael Garcia Bernal in particular for a lazy disappointing performance.

Again... is he poor? Because... like... he’s the one she DOESN’T choose. Sigh. It’s called hustle. Even Gael Garcia Bernal. Baby needs the money. Look at this trailer. It’s a mess.

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