You know I love her. And her hair in Mamma Mia was my hair inspiration last night. Amanda Seyfried is definitely a “next”. Most of Meryl’s girls are: Emily Blunt, Amy Adams, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfriend… only Lindsay Lohan managed to f-ck it up.

But Amanda, for her first Oscars, on a night of many red dresses, oh this was not good. The bow. The bustline. The prom straps. The old lady material…

It’s very disappointing. Especially since there was so much to work with. Interestingly enough, the stylist who did our hair for the Oscars, TK and I, is the Hair Department head for Big Love. He says she’s a dream. He says they talk about it all the time – Amanda’s talent, Amanda’s “it”, what Amanda will be...

But first she desperately needs some fashion tips, non?

This is Amanda with Dominic Cooper at Elton John’s party after the Governor’s Ball. Am told they totally loved it up on the carpet but declined interviews together because she was tired. I’d be exhausted too. She flew in from Toronto where she’s shooting a movie and she’s flying right back out this morning. But it’s important to work hard when you’re hot.

Lindsay Lohan does not understand this.

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