After a year of mooning over each other, fighting a tormented but impossible attraction during the Mamma Mia shoot, Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper have found a way to be together. Some say his ex girlfriend Joanna left him which is why he ran to Amanda even though he’s still trying to save his 12 year relationship. Joanna however recently put an end to those rumours, telling the UK papers that:

"Yes, it's over. We have had 12 glorious years together but there is no going back."

12 years?

Dominic is 30 which would mean he and Joanna have been together since he was 18. And now he’s jumping right into something serious with Amanda…

Oh yeah there will be drama. No doubt. Must be why I’m obsessed with them.

For now though, in that idyllic bloom of early love, Amanda and Dominic are inseparable. Shopping together in Beverly Hills before the Globes, at the Globes, and then again last night at the Big Love Season 3 premiere.

6 months. Then it begins…


I want her hair.

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