Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore are in London promoting Chloe. Hopefully Amanda has sorted out her representation issues. I’m telling you, in Toronto she was like an abused lamb. She’s a talented, sweet girl. But she needs to be smarter about the people around her. Maybe Julianne Moore can help.

Many journalists are of a similar opinion: Julianne Moore is not the soft cuddly type. Julianne Moore is closer to bitch. In a good way. She’s snippy, she doesn’t tolerate stupidity, and isn’t terribly patient either, but since her comments about food, it’s not hard to understand why.

LOVE the honesty. Finally an actor who admits she doesn’t eat.

Remember this?

“I still battle with my deeply boring diet of, essentially, yogurt and breakfast cereal and granola bars. I hate dieting. I hate having to do it to be the 'right' size. I'm hungry all the time. I think I'm a slender person, but the industry apparently doesn't. All actresses are hungry all the time, I think."

Maturity wins every time.

Julianna looks amazing in black. Amanda…terribly unflattering choice of dress. Now hiring: new publicist and new stylist. Still undecided: new boyfriend.

Photos from James Higgins/