Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore were in Paris today promoting Chloe with Atom Egoyan. Now this is great styling. It’s contemporary, it’s flattering, it’s appropriate... maybe it’s Tom Ford through Julianne finally channelling some Seyfried style.

Or maybe it’s the effect of a winning box office. The Notebook campaign worked. Dear John earned an unexpectedly impressive $30 million this weekend coming it at #1 with a message to female viewers that this movie is the next epic love story, and that Amanda and Homo Neanderthalensis are the new Allie and Noah. Or Bella and Edward. Not surprisingly then the audience for Dear John was 84 percent female and 64 percent under 21 years old.

Me I watched Temple Grandin. SO. F-cking. Good. For those of you who’ve been waiting for Claire Danes to return to her promise after MSCL, this is it. She’s nothing short of extraordinary. And the movie is one giant hopeful tearful heartswelling fist pump.

Temple Grandin will air again on HBO on Wednesday night. Click here for more information and for repeats over the next month. You must.

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