Here’s an exclusive first look at Amanda Seyfried on the cover of FASHION Magazine. I really like the styling here, even though I don’t love the dress. For me. For her, it’s amazing. And the way they kept the accessories simple – this girl is young and fresh, she doesn’t need to be adorned.

Thoughts on the metallic polish? I’m really into polish. Nails are my thing. But I’ve not been feeling the metallic personally. I see it on her and it looks amazing. I see it on me and I hate it so much.

Anyway, Amanda of course is now gearing up for promotion on Red Riding Hood, due in theatres March 11. It’s a dark(er) imagining of the story with a little bit of a Twilight treatment, considering it’s the same director, filmed in the Pacific Northwest, even some of the scenes look the same. Like the same cheese. And they’re trying to make Shiloh Fernandez happen, like he’s the new Pattinson. Why does he remind me of Jack McPhee? (I KNOW you don’t have to google Jack McPhee.) Also, does he maybe have a thigh thickness problem?

You’ll see. The trailer is below.

FASHION Magazine with Amanda Seyfried will be on newsstands later this month.