Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper seen here leaving the Chateau Marmont last night. Amanda, she’s the girl of the moment. Sometimes that can cost you.

Amanda was booked for the lead role in the upcoming Sucker Punch helmed by Zack Snyder fresh off Watchmen. She was apparently the unanimous first choice but right now she’s everyone’s first choice, and she is committed to Big Love which shoots at the same time that Sucker Punch is scheduled to begin principle photography. Big Love will not release her or come up with a workable timetable solution so Amanda has, very disappointingly, had to drop out.

Still doesn’t mean they’ll give it to Lilo. Hell no.

Evan Rachel Wood is said to be the top contender now.

Meanwhile, Amanda has just wrapped Chloe alongside Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson which filmed in Toronto over the last couple months.

Dominic was seen quite often with her around town. They’d go to Hemingway’s for drinks with Liam Neeson (before the accident) and walk through the mall hand in hand, seldom recognised. For now.

Amanda Seyfried has a long career ahead. And, if her relationship with Dominic (at least the way it started) is any indication, a dramatic love life to go with it.


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