Amanda Seyfried has been shooting a new movie in Toronto. She was in LA for the weekend for the Oscars, then had to return immediately Monday back to work. Dominic Cooper went with her. This is Amanda arriving at LAX yesterday. Dominic met her later.

An interesting story about their flight. From an infallible source. Lock tight.

So only Amanda was booked in executive class on Air Canada. Dominic’s seat was in coach. As they boarded the plane, they were debating in the executive cabin who would take the more comfortable spot. Five minutes they spent in the aisle, HER trying to convince HIM to stay up front while she suffered with the masses in the poor section. He didn’t want to, but then she caressed his left cheek and he agreed. He ends up in First Class, she’s waaaaaaaay in the back, folded over in her seat, slept the entire way.

Cute, non? Love her. Girl is more evolved than I am too.

If it had been me and my husband, there would have been no question. Even if he’d been up for 5 nights straight, I’d be like – see you in a few hours. I send back some cookies if I don’t fall asleep.

Mean Girls report card, shall we?

Amanda Seyfried has presented and performed at the Oscars. Lindsay Lohan has never been asked to present or perform at the Oscars.

Amanda Seyfried had a hit tv show and a hit movie in 2008 and is working with Julianne Moore with 3 more projects on the go. Lindsay Lohan claims she loves acting but has been selling leggings instead.

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