I know some of you might hate the Elton John/Liberace-ness of this little shorts suit but if I’m her age, with her body, I’m all over it too. Sure, I’d love it even more in white, but electric blue works for me, especially in London where, you know, people don’t jerk themselves off over a whatever strapless Oscar de la Renta the way it is in other parts. Over there you need to earn your sartorial erections. I do wish though that she’d stayed away from the beauty pageant hair. If it had to be down, why not pin straight? Still, her hair isn’t actually the most annoying thing about her here. The most annoying thing about her here is the way she’s looking up at that douchebag like he’s the cleverest man ever in the world, which happens to be, as you know, exactly what he thinks of himself too.