Remember what I wrote in the open about being down with a girl who’s willing to “go ugly” for Halloween? Amanda Seyfried certainly doesn’t look ugly, but this is the antithesis of a skanky costume. Like, Ebola Paris Hilton would never wear this costume. Major bonus points then to Seyfried for not finding an excuse to take her tits out.

But then she followed it up by going home with Ryan Phillippe. Many many major demerit points for hooking it up with Ryan Phillippe.

This is Amanda at Kate Hudson’s annual Halloween party on Saturday night. By the way, Justin Timberlake usually makes it out to this one. And he probably would have rather been there, where Leonardo DiCaprio was hanging out, rather than grudgingly playing the part of doting boyfriend and flying Jessica Biel back to Canada after their cheating scandal. Click here for more information. As for Amanda (who is currently working on a movie with JT), she took her plushie suit into Ryan Phillippe’s car at the end of the night. OF COURSE he didn’t bother to dress up. Of course he didn’t. He’s Ryan Phillippe. He doesn’t “do” costumes.

As you can see, there’s a friend with them in the backseat. Sure. It could be just a ride. But when it comes to this skeezy prick, is it ever just a ride? She’s exactly his type, like Reese Witherspoon and Abbie Cornish before her. And if this is more than just a ride, it’ll end up like Reese and Abbie before her too.

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