Amanda Seyfried was photographed in London for the first time last week in costume for Cosette in Les Miserables. By the weekend she was already back in LA - on Saturday out for lunch in Venice with boyfriend Josh Hartnett and then again yesterday at breakfast. That’s how you make it work though, right? You have to spend the time. You have to put in the time. You have to fly.

That said, um, I’m not sure Josh Hartnett is as busy as Amanda Seyfried these days. Maybe he’ll end up doing most of the flying eventually. Because I don’t think she’s stopped in two years. Or more. It’s one film after another. Maybe not a lot of prestige work but not exactly sh-t either. I mean, Les Miserables isn’t sh-t. And still she’s never really part of the conversation about the young actors, the Lawrences, the Mulligans, the Knightleys, considered on the top tier. Is it that she’s just less discerning, or is there something else?