She loves her life. That’s obvious. She was so delighted with her producers and the adorable boyfriend who was sort of affably out of the whole thing.  She screeched at her mum in her South London twang, and if you haven’t watched her 60 minutes interview with Anderson you need to get on that, because no two people who are media professionals have spent so much time giggling together on camera.

Also, she’s a prescient, gifted writer who’s consistently constructing songs that touch everyone in exactly the way they want or need, depending on which song they’re putting on to cry to.

And then, of course, there’s that voice.

So what of it?  Yes, it’s different – but it will become what it’s supposed to, even if that is different relative to what we remember.  The human voice is such an unfathomable thing, and it does change with illness, with weight loss, with physical traumas – but also with the size of one’s teeth and whether or not their sinus chambers are symmetrical.  During the Anderson interview he said   “Her confidence in her singing voice has never been higher” and I have to say, that’s not one she was lacking anyway.   

It’s my favourite thing about her.  As I mentioned last night, she’s a year and a half older than Taylor Swift – and Adele has never oh-goshed in her life. When she stood there last night after she performed? She knew she was supposed to be there. She belonged. When she was about to win album of the year, she was a bit anxious – now knowing that she would sweep the night from everyone else if she won – but she never questioned that she was entitled to.  

What do you think she thinks of her contemporaries? Of Taylor? Of Katy Perry?

But Album of the Year almost seems like an afterthought.  For what it’s worth, my first thought wasn’t even happiness for her; it was the fact that she now gets to carry around how unequivocally right she’s been about the whole thing.  

Do you know what I mean? Everyone in the world, at this point, is screaming about how wonderful Adele is, and who would have ever left her ever, and the dude who did her wrong (who, yes, tried to shake her down for ‘inspiration’ money) is having, at best, a bad Monday morning. She’s damn justified in everything she said in that record. It has been proven.  “Adele is the winner of that relationship, and you were WRONG.”  That’s better for me than any Grammy.

She says she’s taking a break. She has to. So she can go through things, and then write about them and tell me how I’m supposed to feel.

I liked the dresses, yes. I did not love the nude underlay/modesty vest.  I feel like they could have committed to a colour – a grey, a peach – and still lived to tell the tale. But then I go back and think of how much I love that Adele was like “no, give me a dress I can wear a proper bra with”.  So, you know, I fluctuate.

(Lainey: this concludes our Grammy coverage. We have so enjoyed your emails - keep sending them! A slight schedule change, if you don’t mind. We’ll get to BAFTAs later in the afternoon. We need to get caught up on some other gossip first and we’ll return to BAFTAs before the end of the night. Please keep checking back!)