Have I mentioned how much I love her? Maybe not. I’m sorry.

I f-cking LOVE Annie Lennox. No More I Love Yous is one my favourite songs forever. Annie was at the Music Industry Trust Awards in London last night. With her two daughters Lola and Tali. This is tripping me out. Annie Lennox, to me, is always going to be 30 years old. Tops. Look at her? It’s STILL 1985 here! How does she have daughters that old?

Let’s go back to No More I Love Yous, one of the most perfect pretend-you’re-in-a-music-video songs ever. Don’t press play below until you’re alone in the car. Open the window when the beat kicks in. The camera is catching your hair blowing out the side. If you want to let a small smile spread across your face – do it. This is not corny. Annie gave you permission.