Amber Heard has been in Australia shooting Aquaman. A couple of weeks ago, her dad spoke to a UK tabloid and talked about how she and Elon Musk are ready to have kids together. I was wondering if she’d be all like, “Dad! Stop talking!” but it appears that dad did not go rogue because this past weekend Elon Musk joined her in Australia, presumably to celebrate her birthday (April 22). They were papped holding hands and then they went public on Instagram to confirm their relationship:



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Having moo moo at Moo Moo Gold Coast with @AmberHeard, @CreepyPuppet and @CowanFilms

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The expression is “social media official” and it’s officially a thing now, for celebrities to make their relationships “social media official” – they know what it means and they know exactly how it will be interpreted. The question here, in Amber’s case, is ….by whom? The media? The fans? Or someone else? Probably someone else, right? That’s where I’m going, but mostly because of the timing.

You know what happened last year when Amber celebrated her birthday? According to court documents, at her birthday party in 2016, an “inebriated and high” Johnny Depp yanked her by the hair and “violently shoved (her) to the floor”. A month later he allegedly attacked her again which is when she finally filed for divorce. And then he tried to nickel and dime her during their divorce negotiations. And then we found out he’s having money problems.

You know who doesn’t have money problems?

Elon Musk.

A timed f-ck you then, right?