Amber Heard and Johnny Depp will not be appearing in court today. According to PEOPLE his lawyer, Laura Wasser, asked that the hearing be postponed. It will now happen in August, unless the two manage to work out a deal by then. Which, apparently, is what Johnny's been trying to negotiate. Because that's what people in his position do. It's what all the money wants him to do. And by money I mean all the people from agents to managers to studio executives to producers who need him to make more money. Who, in pursuit of that money, will overlook or excuse or even cover up the situation so that Johnny's reputation can be restored. Six months from now, why not put him in a romantic comedy or drama, doesn't matter. Get him to take a role that doesn't require black teeth and a mask. Pretty him up - as much as possible, considering - and remind the world that we once wanted to f-ck him.

In the meantime, from now until August, Team Depp TMZ has two more months to take down and/or revictimise Amber Heard. Did Amber ever send a naked selfie? What are the chances that will turn up on TMZ?

TMZ's latest on Amber is that she couldn't be deposed last week when Johnny's lawyer tried to schedule her because she was supposed to be in a costume fitting for Justice League in London but that ended up getting cancelled because she's lost too much weight - 20 lbs. There's a subtext I'm reading here too about whether or not she'll be able to continue in this role. And what her roles will be going forward. Her opportunities before were already limited. And now, all it would take is a phone call from Johnny, non?

Attached - Amber Heard out in LA yesterday.